ARPC4 cvrIt Takes Two: Glimpses of the Creative Youth Workshop Project of Thrace

Anni Vassiliou, Tina Ligdopoulou


This article explores issues and themes arising within the context of the field of youth work. The youth-worker role entails a certain midwife skill. That of enabling the formless to take form, or one form to manifest itself so as to become recognised and thus identified with. Of encouraging voices towards expression. In this journey, the ‘invisible’ formative process of an end-result is just as important as its ‘visible’ outcome. Why, when, who and how become just as pertinent considerations as what. In a social setting, the act of creating space for synergy and co-existence of differing actors builds a web in which each is empowered.

ARCP4 cdSOURCE: Annual Review of Critical Psychology, Issue4, 2005 (pages 154-165)

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